About Tizag.com

Founded in August 2003, Tizag.com was created to be a stepping stone to the budding webmaster and a handy reference to the veteran developer.

Tizag.com's Strive for Perfection

New ideas, techniques and teachings are found every day. Tizag.com is always changing its tutorials and references to incorporate the latest in web design. If you have any suggestions on new content for our site, simply use our Contact Page! We greatly appreciate your ideas and feedback. Spot any typos/errors? Please let us know. We love being shown where we've goofed!

Tizag.com's Creators

Tizag.com was initially created by a team of web developers wanting to fill a void in the HTML and CSS tutorial market. Although many sites did a good job, there always seemed to be major topics that were just glossed over. However, after finishing up those two tutorials, we figured "Why not add a solid PHP?" then it was "Why not add a Web Host Guide and something on PERL?" and it just kind of spiraled out of control since then.

What Does Tizag Mean?

Sorry, but we are not currently allowed by our lawyers to divulge such information. :)

Tizag Supporters