Advertising Information

If you are interested in advertising with, there are currently two ad positions available. The image below has the positions highlighted in yellow.

Advertising Positions

  • A - embedded content banner: The highest performing ad slot on, typically 468x60.
  • B - (wide) skyscraper: Can either be a standard skyscraper (120x600) or wide skyscraper (160x600).
  • C - Custom Advertising: A special advertising slot can created be for your campaign if it meets the budget requirements.'s Audience's visitors are tech savvy individuals ranging in skill level from a newbie trying to build their first website, to the experienced veteran trying to learn the latest coding technique. More than a million users visit Tizag every month and view more than 2 million pages.

Targeted Advertising

Tizag's ad delivery system allows for user specific targeting on many levels. No matter what type of product or service you're advertising, with advanced targeting you will reach your target audience.

  • Geotargeting - Are you a college in England? We can geotarget your ads so only people in the UK will view your ads.
  • Tutorial Sponsorship - Are you selling an HTML training seminar? You can choose to have your ads only show up within the HTML tutorial to grab those users who are seeking additional help.

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