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ASP Manual(s)

On this page we have collected a bunch of useful sites that provide a manual to ASP and VBScript, the language that you program ASP in by default. This page itself is not a manual. ASP is proprietary software of Microsoft and so we have split up information into Microsoft and Non-Microsoft related resources.

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  • MSDN ASP Tutorial - Microsoft's ASP Tutorial under Windows 2000 Server Documentation Online.
  • ASP to ASP.NET - This manual provides information on migrating from ASP to ASP.NET
  • MSDN VBScript User Guide - Microsoft's VBScript User Guide. If you're going to be programming in ASP you might want to get a strong grasp of VBScript, the default language to program ASP in.


  • ASPIN - ASPIN has a huge collection of resources for ASP. The only downside is the time and effort it takes to get what you want.
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