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Create HTML Email

Making an HTML email link on your page is quick and simple. However, you should know that when you place your email on your website, it is very easy for computer experts to run programs to harvest these types of emails for spamming. If you are going to put your email link on a public website, be sure that you have anti-spam software!

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Another option to allow people to send you emails without exposing yourself to massive amounts of spam is to create an HTML form that gathers data from the user and emails it to your email account. We recommend the HTML Form Email that usually reduces the amount of potential spam.

HTML Email Tag

There actually is not a separate HTML tag for creating an HTML email link. Instead you use a standard HTML anchor tag <a> and set the href property equal to the email adddress, rather than specifying a web URL. This is probably confusing and may take a little while to get used to.

HTML Code:

<a href= "" >Email Example</a>

Email Link:

Additional HTML Email Code

By adding a couple extra goodies onto the email address in href you can have both the SUBJECT and the BODY of the email automatically populated for your visitors. This is great when receiving emails from a website to an email account that handles more mail than just from that one link on your site.

By defining a uniform subject that people will automatically have when clicking the link you will be able to tell right away whether or not an email came from the website or from another source (as long as your visitors don't mess with the subject that you give them).

  • Subject - Populates the subject of the email with the information that you provide.
  • Body - Populates the body of the email with the information that you provide.

HTML Code:

<a href= "mailto: Page Email&body=This email
is from your website" >
2nd Email Example</a>

Complete Email:

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