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HTML - Bold

Creating bold text can be accomplished through the use of the <b> bold tag.

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HTML Code:

<b>This text is entirely BOLD!</b>


This text is entirely BOLD!

Place the bold tag inside other elements to highlight important words and give feeling to your text.

HTML Code:

<p><b>Don't</b> touch that!</p>

More Bold:

Don't touch that!

You may also use it to separate words from their meaning in a dictionary fashion.

HTML Code:

<p><b>Cardio:</b> Latin word meaning of the heart.</p>


Cardio: Latin word meaning of the heart.

The idea here is to use the bold tag in quick formatting situations. It is not a good idea to bold entire paragraphs or other elements simply because you want the text to be larger or fatter. Use Cascading Style Sheets for font styles and sizes.

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