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Line Breaks

Line breaks are different than most of the tags we have seen so far. A line break ends the line you are currently on and resumes on the next line. Placing <br /> within the code is the same as pressing the return key in a word processor. Use the <br /> tag within the <p> (paragraph) tag.

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HTML Code:

Will Mateson<br />
Box 61<br />
Cleveland, Ohio<br />


Will Mateson
Box 61
Cleveland, Ohio

We have created a possible address for a letter head. The line break tag will also come in handy toward the end of our letter.

HTML Code:

<p>Sincerely,<br />
<br />
<br />
Kevin Sanders<br />
<i>Vice President</i></p>

Closing Letter:


Kevin Sanders
Vice President
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  • The line break tag can be placed within other HTML elements such as paragraphs, tables, lists, and headings.
  • Use the line break tag to solve minor formatting issues, save larger page layout issues for tables and the align attribute.
  • Remember that the line break tag does not require a closing tag.

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