Create an Anchor for hyperlink navigation. Commonly called just plain "links." It's safe to place images, line breaks, and text between the opening and closing tags.

Attribute Description
accesskey Create a shortcut key or a "Hotkey". By pressing and holding the "alt" key along with the hotkey, you can activate hyperlinks. Not supported by all browsers.
href Specify a url for your elements. Use a local URL or an internet URL.
name Choose a name for an element. Names can be used with other web programming languages to unify your site or run scripts obtaining user info.
tabindex Numbers elements in a tab order, allowing for manipulation of what happens when the user presses the "Tab" key.
target Defines the window/frame to be recieving the requested document.
type Sets the type of element, several variations of types can be set for nearly all elements.


<a href="http://www.google.com/" target="_blank">Google!</a>