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VBScript MsgBox

If you are using Internet Explorer then you would have received a popup as soon as you came to this site. That was a VBScript MsgBox (message box), a popup window that can be called using the MsgBox function. You can use this popup to display crucial information, gather data, or just annoy your visitors!

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VBScript MsgBox Creation

To create a simple message box you only need to supply the MsgBox function with a string and this will be what is displayed on the popup prompt. Our following example will popup with the message "Hello There!".

VBScript Code:

<script type="text/vbscript">
MsgBox "Hello There!"

This is the code for the popup box you see when you load this page.

VBScript MsgBox Arguments

While it is quite easy to create a MsgBox with a simple message, customizing your MsgBox is quote complex. There are up to 4 optional arguments you can give the MsgBox function bringing the grand total to 5 arguments!

However, only two of these options are that useful and they are:

  • Button (Integer)- Allows you to set which buttons will be displayed on your popup. OK button is the default setting.
  • Title (String)- Sets the title of the popup window, much like the HTML title tag sets the title of the browser window.

A complete listing of the button constants can be found at Microsoft's VBScript Reference.

In this example we will be creating a HTML button that creates a MsgBox with a message, a title and an OK and Cancel button when clicked. For a review on HTML Buttons see our HTML Forms Tutorial.

VBScript Code:

<script type="text/vbscript">
Function myPopup_OnClick()
	MsgBox "Hello there!", 1, "Greeting Popup"
End Function
<input type="button" value="Click Me!" name="myPopup" />


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