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Web Host - Control Panels

A control panel is an interface to allow quick and easy access to a wide variety of features your host supports. Many control panels are now a GUI (graphical user interface) that grants access to email management, web site statistics, database administration, server load viewing, and more. There are a variety of control panels, but we will focus on the big three: CPanel, Ensim, and Plesk. Nearly all shared hosting services will come with one of these control panels installed.

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CPanel is the most popular control panel solution on the market. Nearly all web hosts are currently using this control panel, except for those hosts that do not want to pay the expensive price tag. CPanel allows the web host to easily customize the features/programs that appear. Additionaly, CPanel has a skinning feature, that many hosts prefer, to customize the look of the panel.

If you are looking for a user-friendly control panel, look no further then CPanel. However, if you do not have much money to spend, chances are you can find a better deal on web hosting if you choose a host that has one of the cheaper control panels, like Ensim and Plesk. It should also be noted that with the extra features included in CPanel, there tends to a few more bugs than with the other two control panels.


Ensim is geared towards those webmasters on a tighter budget. If you do get a host that uses Ensim control panel, be sure to check that the cost is less than a comparable host with CPanel. Ensim also has a history of containing less bugs than Cpanel, however the interface is not as user-friendly as CPanel's.


Plesk is another budgest solution for webmasters to try out. Plesk has a history of being very stable. This is good if you have important information that requires above standard stability. However, the downside to the Plesk control panel is that it has a severe lack in features compared to the other control panels. If you are thinking of selecting a host that uses either Ensim or Plesk, be sure you do your homework and check up on the company's track record.

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