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Web Host - Email

Email is the lifeline for communication between a web site's visitors and the web site's owner(s). Finding an appropriate set of email features on a given host plan should not be a problem, as most of the features we will discuss are an industry standard. Nevertheless, if email will be an important factor for your web site you should still keep your eye on email features.

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Email Aliases

An email alias is simply the name associated with an email address. For example Bob works at and his email alias is bob, so his email address is Personal web site owners may get by with only a single email alias, while large corporations may require hundreds to thousands of email aliases for all of its employees. Check to see that the plan offers a sufficient quantity of aliases.

Email Redirects

When someone is fired from a company or multiple sectors of a web site are condensed down into one, it would be nice to combine the old email addresses into one as well. However, customers and friends may have already saved the old and outdated address(es), so many web hosts allow for you to set up email redirects that will forward any mail to an outdated address to a functioning address of your choice.

Spam Protection

There are a countless number of spam spiders that are tirelessly crawling the web looking for email addresses to add to their hit list. If a web site posts their email address on their web site they will receive spam without a question. To combat this spam many hosts come with anti-spam software that protects your inbox to some extent. If a web host does not have a spam filter or anti-spam software, we recommend that you continue your search for a quality hosting provider.

Spam Facilitation

Nearly all web hosts have a zero tolerance for individuals who wish to use their server's resources to send out massive amounts of spam. If you are a spammer and are looking for a web host, we know that finding a web host to fit your needs is darn near impossible. Instead we suggest you get a normal host and create a beautiful web site, with amazing content, and earn a living that way.

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