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XML Viewers

If you are attempting to use XML for the first time, chances are you don't know or have the tools that are necessary to view XML files. The good news is there are a plethora of free viewers readily available to you. This lesson will show the many free XML viewers that are currently out there.

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Free XML Viewer

Chances are the web browser you have on your computer is XML ready. If you would like to see how your browser handles XML files, open up our XML File: class_list.xml. If your browser doesn't let you view that XML file, then read on as we describe the popular browsers and their XML viewing features.

Internet Explorer XML Viewer

Internet Explorer 6.0 supports viewing XML files. You can download IE 6.0 from Microsoft's Website. Internet Explorer 6.0 has special color coding the make XML documents easier to read. Also, next to expandable elements (those that contains child elements) there is a plus or minus sign (+/-) that lets you expand or contract that element.

After you have installed Internet Explorer 6.0, try viewing our XML file: class_list.xml.

Firefox XML Viewer

Firefox has some of the same features as Internet Explorer. You can download Mozilla's Firefox from

After you have installed Internet Explorer 6.0, try viewing our XML file: class_list.xml

Opera XML Viewer

Unfortunately, Opera does not currently support viewing XML files, so please download one of the browsers we have listed above. If you would like to see what XML looks like in Opera, open our XML file: class_list.xml.

If you are looking for an XML editor, check out our next lesson, in which we recommend an XML editor based on your needs and budget!

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Download's XML Book

If you would rather download the PDF of this tutorial, check out our XML eBook from the store.

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