Set the border style of the element. Note: You must define a border width if you want the border to display. Using border-style by itself will not draw a border.

Value Description
solid A simple solid border style.
double A double border style.
groove A grooved border style.
dotted A dotted border style.
dashed A dashed border style.
inset An inset border style.
outset An outset border style.
ridge A ridged border style.
hidden A hidden border style. This will make the border invisible.
four-sides There are four values that you can define. Each value will correspond to a specific side. The corresponding directions to values are: top, right, bottom, left.
width-key-term Define the border width with key terms. Available terms: thin, medium, and thick.


p { border-style: solid;
border-width: 3px; }


This element has a border-style defined.

Compatibility Issues:

IE 5.0 - Does not support "dotted" or "dashed" border styles.