Sets a font face, color, and size for the entire page! (Sizes 1-7)

Attribute Description
color Add color to the text of elements. Use a numeric, hexidecimal, or named value.
face Change a font using a font name you have installed on your computer.
id Specify an ID for your elements.
name Choose a name for an element. Names can be used with other web programming languages to unify your site or run scripts obtaining user info.
size Add size to varying elements, usually indicates font size, or corresponders to the number of characters to be displayed with form elements.


<basefont face="Geneva" color="maroon" size="5">All fonts will now default to Geneva size 5 font.


All fonts will now default to Geneva size 5 font.


This tag is deprecated!

Closing Tag Information:

This tag does not require a closing tag.