Place images onto your website. Use any of the listed attributes and style sheets to perfect the output of your image on your site.

Attribute Description
align Horizontally align various tags or content.
alt Defines an alternate text message in place of an element.
border Add a border to elements, the higher the numeric integer, the larger the border.
class Classify or name your elements. For instance, if you classify several paragraph elements the same name, using CSS it is possible to give them all the same styles in one line of code.
dir Change the display of text from left to right, or right to left. Very useful in language translation.
height Define an element's height using a numeric pixel value or a percentage.
hspace The numeric pixel value for the horizontal space to allow from an element's border to it content's beginning and end.
lang Define the language to display your element in. Here's a link to the abbreviations of languages. http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/iso639a.html
name Choose a name for an element. Names can be used with other web programming languages to unify your site or run scripts obtaining user info.
src Provide a source URL for images or other content. Use local URLs or internet URLs.
style Used to create inline styles such as CSS.
title Places a "pop-up" title for an element upon mouse over. Similar to "help" pop-ups in word programs.
valign Vertically align an element.
vspace The numeric pixel value between an element's border and the top/bottom of its content.
width Define the width of an element with a numeric pixel value or a percentage.


<img src="http://www.tizag.com/pics/img0101.jpg" height="200" width="300">


Closing Tag Information:

This tag does not require a closing tag.