Add options to be selected by the viewer with your Select Forms. Must be placed within a "Select" tag.

Attribute Description
class Classify or name your elements. For instance, if you classify several paragraph elements the same name, using CSS it is possible to give them all the same styles in one line of code.
dir Change the display of text from left to right, or right to left. Very useful in language translation.
disabled Disables an element from being used. It is still displayed but any scripts associated with it are disabled.
id Specify an ID for your elements.
selected Defines an option of a select menu as the default selected.
style Used to create inline styles such as CSS.
title Places a "pop-up" title for an element upon mouse over. Similar to "help" pop-ups in word programs.
value The String of your choice is now the value of that element.


Pick Your Favorite Toon
<select size="3">
<option>Donald Duck</option>
<option>Roger Rabbit</option>


Pick Your Favorite Toon