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JavaScript String Functions

This may be old news to you, but inside every JavaScript string are several functions that are just waiting to do your bidding. This is because strings in JavaScript are actually objects with a bunch of properties and functions (also called methods) that can be accessed in the following general way:

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Pseudo JavaScript Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var myString = "Hello Thur!";

//This is how you would access a property
var myProperty =;

//This is how you would access a function
var myFunctionResult = myString.function(argument1, argument2);

As you can see, the most important part to accessing string properties and functions is to first create them. In this case, myString was our guinea pig.

What's a String Property?

A property is just some basic information about the object. For example, a string object has a length property which stores the number of characters in the string.

What's a String Function?

The string's functions are useful for finding out more about your string. For example, the string function split lets you take a string and chop it into pieces whenever characters that you supply, appear.

It is important to note that these functions do not actually change the string itself. Rather, they return new strings that you can store for use elsewhere. In our example, we stored the result of our make-believe function into myFunctionResult.

String Functions and Properties

The following lessons will teach you how to manipulate, count, reorder, replace, search and do just about anything else to your JavaScript strings. These advanced topics will open up a whole new world of choices for the dynamic webpages you have yet to build!

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