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SQL - Platforms & Applications

There are many, many different SQL applications in existence. A handful of platforms are available for free and are the preferred choice among individuals and small businesses. Other SQL platforms are designed with enterprise level customers in mind and are much more expensive.

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SQL Applications:

  • IBM's DB2
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft's SQL Server

SQL - MySQL and PostgreSQL

MySQL and PostgreSQL are open source database programs rich in functionality and flexibility. They are often the choice of web developers and small businesses simply because they are light-weight and are offered at the right price: free. Most open source software will also work across multiple different operating systems, which is yet another benefit to small businesses.

SQL - SQL Server

Microsoft's SQL Server is steadily on the rise in the commercial world gaining popularity slowly. This platform is only available to Windows users at this time, but offers its users very user-friendly interface that is great for beginning SQL developers. A free trial version can be downloaded at the Microsoft website.

SQL - DB2 and Oracle

By far the selection of choice for large corporations is either Oracle or DB2. Companies that have large ties to IBM stick to their DB2 software whereas others have made the switch to Oracle. These systems run on personal computers as well as large corporate mainframes and are ideal for processing vast amounts of data at the enterprise level.

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