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Flash Installation

The current release of Macromedia Flash is Flash 8, which is an upgrade from Flash MX. To see the differences between the new applications, check out our Flash MX vs Flash 8 lesson.

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This lesson will guide you through the Trial Download installation of Flash 8. In addition, we also have provided links to the Macromedia Flash Player, so that you can view the Flash files you create and the files we have provided for your consumption throughout the tutorial.

Install Flash Basic/Professional 8 Trial

This section will guide you through the installation of Flash Basic/Professional 8 Trial. If you have purchased Flash Basic/Professional 8 and wish to install, please see the instructions that came with your software.

  1. Register an account at to gain access to Macromedia's Trial Software
  2. Login to your account and head to Macromedia's' Trial Downloads page.
  3. Choose the correct language you wish to have Flash configured in from the Flash 8 drop down selector and click download
  4. Save the file to your computer
  5. Run the file when the download has completed and follow the installer's instructions

30 Day Trial

You can download the file whenever you like, but as soon as you install the trial software you only have 30 days to play around before you have to make a decision on whether or not you want to pay hundreds of dollars to purchase your own copy of Macromedia Flash. So, use your trial time wisely!

Macromedia Flash Player

You have the software to create, now you need to software to view your works. Head over to Macromedia's Flash Player Download's section to get your (hopefully) forever free copy of Flash Player . Your browser should prompt you with installation instructions that you need to follow and then you will be ready to continue with this tutorial.

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