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Flash Text

In this lesson you will learn how to create flash text, change fonts, set text size, and set the color of the text. This lesson is meant for the true Macromedia Flash beginner.

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Creating Flash Text

Start off by creating a new file. Then choose the Text Tool (it's the letter A) from the Tools window and choose Static Text from the Properties window.

Left click and drag a textbox like we have on the stage to create a default text field.

Within the text field type: "I am writing some text that is more than one line"

Notice that the text field is now three lines of text, this is because the default text field will automatically wrap to the next line when your text reaches the width limit. Your text should look something like this, but if it doesn't do not worry, we are just about to start playing around with the Text Properties!

Changing Flash Text Color

Select the arrow tool from the Tools window and left click on your text field to bring up the text properties.

In the text properties box click the color chooser button and select red #FF0000. Notice that your text is now colored red.

Changing Flash Text Size

With the text properties still displayed click and hold the Font Size downward pointing arrow. You can now drag up or down to resize your text. While still holding down the left mouse button drag up to a font of 20. Note: You could also set the Font Size by left clicking inside the Font Size field and typing in the number 20.

Changing Flash Text Font

With the arrow tool from the Tools window left click the text field. In the properties toolbar there is a drop down selector called "Font" that should be set to the default _sans font. Click the downward pointing arrow of Font and choose the Verdana. This will change the selected text field's font to Verdana.

Changing Flash Text Field Dimensions

There are two ways you can manipulate the dimensions of the text field in Macromedia Flash. The first option will keep your text shape and size the same, but change the the overall width and height of the text field. The second option will deform your text by either squishing or stretching it.

Text Field Dimensions Option 1

The first option of manipulating the text field box is done with the Text Tool, so please select that from the Tools toolbar.

Using the arrow tool left click inside your text box. Next, left click and hold on the square box that appears in the upper right of the text box. While holding down the left mouse button drag the mouse around to change the size of the box to a shape that is similar to the one we have below. Notice that we changed the width of the box and the words per line, but the text itself did not change shape.

Text Field Dimensions Option 2

To change the shape of the text within our text field we first need to choose the arrow tool from the Tools window. Next, left click on the text field to select it.

The only way to squish or stretch the text is to manually enter the size dimensions of the text field within the Info window. You can access it from the menu: Window < Info.

In the Info's context W stands for width and H stands for height. Change W: 250 H: 100. Leave X and Y alone and press OK. Notice that the text is now wider.

If you would like you can Download the Raw Flash File that was used in this lesson.

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