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HTML - Italic(s)

The italics tags should be used to highlight a key word or phrase. These tags are not intended to to stylize or shape your font face. Rather, use them to emphasize text or words.

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HTML Code:

Italic <i>tag</i>!
<em>Emphasized</em> Text!
Create a <blockquote>blockquote</blockquote>!
Format your <address>addresses</address>!

HTML Italics:

Italic tag!
Emphasized Text!
Create a blockquote!
Format your addresses!

Each of the above tags is generally interpreted by the browser in a similar way. The two commonly used tags to place italics onto a website are <em> and <i>. They are short and sweet.

HTML Code:

<i>Hyper Text Markup Language</i>


<em>Hyper Text Markup Language</em>

HTML Dictionary:

Hyper Text Markup Language


Hyper Text Markup Language

As you can see, the output is the same regardless of what tag we used to emphasize our definitions.

HTML Bold and Italics

Both the <b> and the <i> tags can be placed within other elements to format your texts. They can also be used together to bold and italicize words or phrases. Nothing fancy here, just be sure you open and close the tags in the same order.

HTML Code:

<p>Phillip M. Rogerson <b><i>MD</i></b></p>


Phillip M. Rogerson MD

This is brilliant when placing text links directly inside your paragraphs as a reference to the user.

HTML Code:

<p>Include several external 
links throughout your texts as references to your viewers, 
we will discuss 
<a href="" target="_blank" title="Tizag Links">
<b><i>HTML Links</i></b>
 in a later lesson.</p>

Format Links:

Include several external links throughout your texts as references to your viewers, we will discuss HTML Links in a later lesson.

As you can see, the code becomes quite complex as you begin to place more and more tags on the board. Be assured that once you learn Cascading Style Sheets the code will become simpler.

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  • The best advice is just to keep things simply and avoid going overboard with these tags.

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