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HTML - <sup> Superscript

Superscripted text can be placed onto your website using the <sup> tag. You may id these tags for use with Cascading Style Sheets.

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HTML Code:

<p>This text is <sup>superscripted!</sup></p>


This text is superscripted!

HTML - Exponents

We may use the superscripting technique to express exponential expressions.

HTML Code:

2<sup>3</sup> = 8


23 = 8

HTML - Footnotes

You may have come across several texts where a referencing, superscripting directs your attention to the bottom of the page. These footnotes can also be created with the superscript tag.

HTML Code:

<p>"It was a lover's tryst<sup>1</sup>."
<hr />
1. Secret meeting between lovers


"It was a lover's tryst1."

1. Secret meeting between lovers
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